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Office Safety Presentation & Workstation Assessments

Office Safety Presentation & Workstation Assessments

What are the benefits of having an office safety presentation and workstation assessments?

No matter what type of work you do, your health is your biggest asset. When we come into your workplace our goal is to empower staff members to take responsibility for their own bodies. Through observation, feedback and recommendations, AIM provides staff members with straightforward changes which will limit risk of discomfort and help prevent injury.


Simply put, the human body was not built for sitting statically for long periods. Yet, for most of us in our everyday working lives, sitting still at a desk is the norm. Many of our clients experience some form of discomfort from sitting at their desks all day – from neck and back pain to headaches. We know that continued discomfort, even at a low level, can have ongoing and far-reaching implications for your health.


AIM office safety presentation and workstation assessments – how they work

AIM’s optional presentation provides a group of peers the opportunity to learn about all the factors which contribute to discomfort, pain and injury. It reviews the basic anatomy and the risk factors to be aware of when doing sedentary work. This presentation clearly outlines how to set up an individual workstation in ways which reduce these risks.


AIM can then offer individual workstation assessments, particularly for any staff who are experiencing discomfort.


When we do a workstation assessement, we meet with each staff member one to one and get a brief history to determine their role in the workplace and details of any symptoms they may be experiencing as well as any current strategies to manage these symptoms. We gain much of this information through questionnaires that we review together, giving each staff member time to think about all the contributing factors.


A therapist then observes each staff member at work, thoroughly reviewing work environment, postures and movements. The therapist also assesses current work practices, evaluating how each of these factors may be contributing to discomfort, pain and injury.


Once all this information is gathered, we collate it and provide feedback to staff. This feedback provides an understanding of how the body works and we give staff the tools to implement changes in their individual work stations to minimise risk of discomfort or injury.  These recommendations can be as straightforward as chair adjustments and changes to monitor positioning to help encourage a healthier posture – simple yet effective.


The employer will receive a handwritten summary of their office safety and workstation assessment, which outlines our findings as well as our recommendations. We discuss the recommendations with each staff member and also provide resources which give ongoing advice on managing or preventing symptoms as well as a stretches handout.


AIM in action – TMG testimonial

Recently, we were asked to conduct an office safety and workstation assessment for TMG, a local company here in Whangarei. We’ll let them tell you in their own words exactly what did to help them create a better workplace.

“We requested that AIM come to our office and review our workplace and advise us on what more could be done to create a healthier environment for our workers. Debbie offered an informative and engaging presentation that covered the potential hazards in our workplace and also identified why they happen.


Debbie also assessed our workstations and offered personal and effective advice on any issues our employees reported.  We found her to be just what we needed – friendly, experienced, and with a practical approach to assessing any problem areas that she identified.  Our staff responded really well to her professional and straight-forward approach.


Moreover, Debbie also made recommendations that really worked! On her advice, we purchased various cost-effective equipment that has made a real impact on our workplace.  Some of the solutions were really simple but we would never have thought of them without her advice.  Our staff are happier, and so are we. ”


One phone call away from a healthier, safer workplace

If you would like to book in an office safety and workstation assessment with AIM, or if you would like to know more, contact us today. Our friendly team is always happy to give you advice on making your workplace safer.


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