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Workplace Safety Testimonials

“I would like to thank Megan for a very professional and one of the best return to work trials we have ever had.
It appeared to go seamlessly with great and gradual input from the employee.”



At our planning session last week I thanked OT for getting me everything I needed to be comfortable at work and realised that I owe a very big thank you to you for providing the expertise and advice.  And I am the most comfortable at work that I have been in many years.


Great job Deb and I am very grateful to you.  - Jude Hughes | Oranga Tamariki



As a dedicated Case Manager for Juken (JNL), I have worked with Lynley for a few months now. I have however worked as a Case Manager with ACC for 15 years. I qualify the latter as it puts into perspective that I have had the opportunity to work with many providers over the years.


I have to say that Lynley is by far the most competent, switched on provider I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She personifies what we as case mangers were promised when the Stay at Work programmes were first introduced. She is clearly dedicated and passionate about her work. She is always professional, pleasant and well respected by the clients and the employer.


I have the utmost confidence and respect for the work Lynley does and only wish more of our providers were as outstanding as her!



“I want to thank you both for your efforts in helping us rehabilitate our team member back into work. It has been a long road that I was beginning to wonder if we would ever find the end. It is now particularly satisfying to see him back to his old self and doing a good job.


Debbie has been fantastic to work with and I would recommend her services in the future (really though it would be an achievement if we don’t see her!) Thanks to you both.”  – Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd



“I wish to acknowledge the wonderful support that I recently received from Lucy & Kiran.


Lucy was professional caring & thoughtful & she had a very positive effect on my rehabilitation and my return to work. Lucy helped me understand the injury and the pain I was feeling. The pain toolkit was really helpful. Mostly Lucy’s coaching type approach gave me confidence to tackle my recovery myself.


Most beneficial long term for me was the introduction to Kiran who gave me physiotherapy exercises that I continue to do each morning.


I was beginning to feel as if I was in a hopeless situation and that I would perhaps not be able to enjoy all the activities that I had previously taken for granted. I now understand much better, what I need to do and I am confident that I will recover fully.” – 2015



“All three ladies were professional, caring, friendly and were working hard to support me to understand and find easier ways to improve my  changed life – standards and style”. Oct 2012


“Helpful to gain other skills that you didn’t necessarily have before your injury. They get to meet you personally and explain things better in person rather than always talking to someone over the phone” Oct 2012


“I would recommend AIM to others because they inform about choices/options for the people they work with. Debbie was excellent.” Oct 2012



Active Intervention Management Ltd structured a 2 hour session for our new nursing students regarding safe patient handling.  The techniques and practices though were all firmly anchored to current theory and based on the New Zealand Patient Handling Guidelines.  Debbie kept the session very relevant to us and incorporated Northland Health DHB policies and procedures regarding safe patient handling.  


Techniques were demonstrated and students had the opportunity to practice under supervision.  The session was very useful and helped ensure we are teaching our ‘new nurses’ the principles to practice patient handling safely, minimising risk to themselves and their patients.  Utilising the expertise of AIM trainers ensured that the information was current, promoting competency for our students and enhancing patient safety, comfort and dignity as well as reducing risk for our healthcare organisations.


Linda Christian RCompN, BHSc (Nursing), MN
Lecturer, Nursing and Health, North Tec



Our company is a heavy industrial site where we manufacture and distribute cement. There are a diverse range of occupations, tasks and people.


We have used AIM for many different activities on site and we have always found them to be professional, knowledgeable, reliable and experienced in their field. They go the extra mile with educating, empowering employees and offering information around suppliers and new technology.


Some of the activities they have carried out are;

  • Graduated return to work plan ( following injury, illness and surgery)

  • Training in Manual handling

  • Workplace assessment

  • Work station assessment

  • Ergonomic assessment

  • Seating assessment

  • Risk assessment

  • Pain management


These activities have been carried out on our ship, in offices, workshops, at the quarries, in the cranes, on mobile plant, in the laboratory and out on site in the plant.


On an administrative level reports are of a high standard with in very acceptable timeframes.


The feed back from employees is always extremely positive.


Lynley Blithe
Occupational Health Co-coordinator
Golden Bay Cement Portland Works



“I’ve just had one of those extensions made for the other 12 Fonterra Transport workshops; they are all very happy with the results. Thank you for your help on this journey in reducing manual handling and preventing injury.”

Cheers, Marcus Davies-King, Fonterra



“One of the best if not THE best course I have ever been on! Great mix of sitting down and standing and moving and participating and great information which can be applied to life outside of work also. I have been telling everyone about it.<br>
To be honest I thought there wouldn’t be much for me to learn, how wrong I was. I was skeptical that it could fill 2 hours, again how wrong I was. The trainers were great too, as well as the format of the presentation. Couldn’t fault it. The rope exercise….great to make you start thinking outside of the box. Thanks for putting it on.”

Tracey, Northland Regional Council



“I thought it was a very informative course, well run and good for everyone really.”



“Didn’t think I would learn so much – great.”



“It was incredibly valuable. The course was applicable to my work where I am sedentary much of the time, but often lift heavy boxes or reach for things up high or down low – and also to my life outside of work. I have taken away heaps of tips and all the little ways of remembering ‘bow to the queen’ ‘touch your knees’ help it stick in your mind. I can see how I’ve been lifting and bending down for things ‘wrong’ my whole life so this will mean I’ll avoid pain, damage and injury and potentially avoid time off work too. Great initiative, thanks for organising it.”