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Injury & Illness

Vocational Assessment and Rehabilitation Services

An injury or illness in the workplace can be difficult for both the employee and employer to handle. At AIM we provide a range of vocational assessments and programmes to pave the way for recovery or alternative solutions, so you can get back to business as usual.


Our experienced team of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Career Practitioners work together with your business and employee to provide a personalised service that meets your requirements. Our workplace services are a lead supplier to ACC but we also provide these services through private insurance agencies and privately for businesses.


Stay at Work Programme

Thousands of injuries and injury related absences, can be avoided through early intervention and effective treatment programmes.


Workplace injuries impact business productivity and cost as well as an employee’s wellbeing, however the impact of these injuries can be avoided by taking action early, which will influence the recovery and return to work outcomes.


Working together with ACC, our Stay at Work Programme is tailored to the requirements of an employee’s job and engages the relevant healthcare professionals early to avoid further deterioration or exacerbation of the injury and accelerate the recovery process.


A personalised treatment programme will be delivered and through education and awareness, the employee will be engaged and empowered in their rehabilitation and recovery process. This will minimise the disruption to your business and support the injured employee on a safe and early return to productivity.


By requesting AIM to be your preferred Stay at Work provider, we get to know how your business ticks, we have in-depth knowledge about the jobs your workers do and the physical demands of the work so that we can expertly and efficiently develop a practical and realistic Stay at Work Plan with you and your worker to enable a safe, timely and sustainable return to work.


To find out more about our Stay at Work Programme for yourself or for an employee, click here.


Workplace Assessment or Functional Job Description Programme

An employee’s ability to carry out their workplace duties may be compromised following injury or illness. If this is the case, action will need to be taken.


If an employee is no longer able to perform their previous duties, a workplace assessment may be required to identify the problems causing or aggravating the injury or illness, and a programme put in place with preventative actions. 


A Workplace Assessment and Functional Job Description Programme includes a comprehensive assessment of the workplace, pre-injury work tasks and/or potential suitable duties. We will review the tasks and provide you with information to assist in the management of any bio-mechanical, cognitive risks, and psychosocial barriers to an employee returning to work.


The aim of this assessment and programme is to identify potential problems, establish suitable duties and provide a safe working environment that will match the employee’s functional capacity.


To find out more about our Workplace Assessment or Functional Job Description Programme for yourself or for an employee, click here.


Gradual Return to Work Programme

Returning to work after illness or injury can be difficult, but working together we can get you back to work and business as usual. 


After a long-term absence from work cause by injury or illness, returning isn’t always easy but often achieving complete recovery doesn’t occur until the employee has returned to work. 


Returning to work is known to improve health and wellbeing but it is common for an employee to not be able to perform their duties at their pre-injured or illness ability, therefore they may need to return over a gradual period of time. 


To facilitate a return to work, a Gradual Return to Work Programme can be created which increases the chances of maintaining a successful re-entry into the workplace. Working with ACC (for an injury) or with you directly (where it is a health condition or issue that isn’t covered by ACC), both employer and employee, our team of experienced experts will assess their situation and work with you to create a personalised plan that focuses on your employee’s recovery for the workplace.


Supporting you every step of the way, our aim is to get you or your employee back to work as quickly and safely as possible, minimising the financial impact and impact on their day-to-day life and on the running of your business. 


To find out more about our Gradual Return to Work Programme for yourself or for an employee, click here.

Gradual Process Injury Workplace Assessment and Programme

The development of an injury from a repetitive body function or exposure to environmental factors and/or machinery, can be minimised and strategically managed.


Sometimes an employee is required to undertake duties that slowly and progressively result in injury, over an extended period of time, also known as a Gradual Process Injury. Often these injuries can be minimised or avoided when a Gradual Process Injury Workplace Assessment is done and a Programme put in place.


Working with ACC, employers and employees, a workplace assessment is conducted to identify the potential risks. Effective strategies are then put in place to support the business and employee to minimise the risks and avoid the gradual onset of an injury in the workplace.


To find out more about our Gradual Process Injury Workplace Assessment and Programme for yourself or for an employee, click here.


Computer Training

In the modern workplace the need for basic computer operational skills is rapidly increasing. Upgrade your employee’s skills for future work efficiency.


As a result of injury, illness or aging, employees may no longer be able to perform their workplace duties and might need to shift job roles to continue employment. Their new role could include the use of technology and computers.


This may require an employee to learn or upgrade their computer literacy skills to perform the intended task. Working with ACC, employers and employees, our Computer Training course is designed to teach participants fundamental computer skills, including, Internet programmes, email operation, software concepts and word processing.


To find out more about our Computer Training for yourself or for an employee, click here.