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Wellness Services

General Wellness at Work / Home

AIM’s clinical team are experts in the field of regaining wellness  and maintaining wellness when this is impacting on your quality of work/life.  We can develop a personal program to assist you to develop goals and address barriers to achieving these.   To discuss your needs please contact AIM.


Toolbox Meeting 

Good communication is vital for the management of health and safety on construction sites but it can be challenging to deliver this information effectively so it resonates with workers.


Toolbox Meetings are vital to instil and maintain heightened safety awareness within any workgroup.  They help to ensure workers are alerted to potential workplace hazards, prevent accidents, illnesses and on-the-job injuries.  They also help to nurture a safety culture by creating a discussion at an informal level, encouraging open communication.


Our Toolbox Meeting Workshop is appropriate for anyone with the responsibility to deliver advice on matters of health, safety and the environment to team members, including site managers, supervisors and contractors.


We can tailor our Toolbox Meeting Workshop to meet your industry and business requirements. To find out more or to arrange a free quote click here.

Driving Assessment

As part of your driver licensing application, sometimes you are required to provide a medical certificate to ensure you are medically fit to drive. 


Driving is often an important part of an individual’s lifestyle, representing independence and freedom, but driving is a complex skill that involves physical and cognitive abilities. A change or loss of function to these abilities, due to ageing, illness or injury, may affect a person’s ability to drive, therefore a GP may request a driving assessment be undertaken.


Our Driving Assessment is suitable for people who wish to commence, resume or continue driving after illness or injury. We also can advise on vehicle modifications to enable safe driving or passenger travel for those with a disability with our Transport for Independence Assessment.


To request a driving assessment or to refer someone click here to complete our online referral form.