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Health & Safety

AIM Assessments 

Do you specialise in human resources and wellbeing at work? This is for you.


Under the Health and Safety Work Act, businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure employees are trained in health and safety matters to prevent work tasks and behaviours from causing them harm.


Invest in your team and empower your employees by providing the skills and knowledge they need to make the right health and safety decisions in the workplace. 


Our personalised assessments integrate current industry regulations with relevant practical exercises to achieve the best learning outcomes for your employees to help them to stay healthy and work effectively in the workplace.  

Workstation and Office Safety 

A proper workstation can make the world of difference to your employees and their productivity.


For many employees, sitting at a desk is the everyday working norm but because the human body was not designed to sit statically for long periods, workers who spend a lot of their day at a desk can be prone to headaches, neck and back pain, strains and other injuries that relate to posture and repetitive movement. 


To reduce the risk of injury and ensure health and safety regulations are met, a regular workstation and office assessment should be undertaken to identify issues that may affect health or risk of injury.


A Workstation and Office Assessment will evaluate the place of work. Through observation, feedback and recommendations we can and provide straightforward solutions to limit the risk of discomfort and help prevent injury to minimise the impact of work on an employee’s health.


Workstations are not limited to desks, it can be any area where an employee is required to work for a length of time, which could include a bench, vehicle etc.


We offer this service individually or in a group format. To find out more or to arrange a free quote click here.

Musculoskeletal Risk Assessment

No matter what type of work you do, the health of an employee is their biggest asset. We empower staff members to take responsibility for their own bodies.


To create a safe work environment, you may need to remove or reduce things that could bring harm to employees musculoskeletal health or provide them with the information to be able to alter their work habits and techniques.


The purpose of a musculoskeletal risk assessment is to assist in the maintenance and development of safe work place practices, focusing on the biomechanical risks to workers.


The format for these assessments includes:

  • Assessing each task

  • Taking a brief history of injuries/ DPI relation to task

  • Observation of staff member/s working

  • Observation of how the staff relate to their work environment

  • Undertaking any necessary analysis i.e. utilize video, photography and analyse using various ergonomic assessments for biomechanical risks


The risks are identified and explored and control options considered, including:

Engineering Controls which could include:

  • Workstation redesign  i.e. work height adjustments, reach adjustments, location of supplies and equipment

  • Tool and handle design or redesign

  • Environmental design i.e. temperature, humidity, air quality, chemicals, toxins, vibration, lighting, noise, force (weight)


Administrative Controls which could include:

  • Decisions made by management intended to reduce the duration, frequency, and severity of exposure to existing hazards and active implementation and monitoring of adherence to these


Work Practice Controls which could include:

  • Adhering to PPE/ safety protocols

  • Manual handling training in safe biomechanical techniques

  • Personal responsibility for improving or maintaining fitness for the job.

Physical Pre-Employment Screening

To recruit with confidence, a pre-employment background check should be done to ensure your potential new employee has the physical ability to perform a job safety and effectively.


All too often a Pre-Employment Screening is skipped which can cost a business money in the future if something goes wrong with that employee. This can be avoided with a Physical Pre-Employment Screening to ensure they are fit for specific duties.


To ensure a potential employee has the physical capability to perform a role, the screening process should be specific and involve the work tasks that will be performed on a day-to-day basis. Our functional testing service provides that and includes a screen for current injuries, a fitness test and job-specific postural tolerances and material handling, so you can be sure your potential employee is the right fit for the role.


We can perform Pre-Employment Screening individually or in a group format. To find out more or to arrange a free quote click here.