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Health & Safety

AIM Programmes

Do you specialise in human resources and well-being at work? This is for you.


Under the Health and Safety Work Act, businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure employees are trained in health and safety matters to prevent work tasks and behaviours from causing them harm.


Invest in your team and empower your employees by providing the skills and knowledge they need to make the right health and safety decisions in the workplace.


Our personalised programmes integrate current industry regulations with relevant and practical exercises to achieve the best learning outcomes for your employees, to help them to stay healthy and work effectively in the workplace. 

Ongoing Injury Prevention

You cannot always see the challenges and obstacles that lay ahead but you can take positive steps to prevent and reduce the risk of injury.


Under the Health and Safety Work Act, all businesses must take steps to prevent potential workplace injuries and illnesses, from manual handling to ergonomic work.


At AIM we believe injury prevention is better than injury treatment, as it initially reduces costs and helps to maintain a safe work environment for business operations. Our injury prevention program involves a proactive and ongoing approach to create safer workplaces and maintain employee wellbeing.


It is never too late to prevent injuries and we can tailor our Injury Prevention Programmes to meet your business requirements. To find out more or to arrange a free quote click here.