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Symptom Management Workstation Assessment

Symptom Management Workstation Assessment

For those grappling with discomfort and pain while working at a computer and office workstation, our Symptom Management Workstation Assessment offers an immediate solution.

This assessment is designed for employees experiencing symptoms that hinder their work performance. It focuses on empowering individuals to self-manage and take control of their wellbeing, providing practical solutions for symptom reduction. It’s an assessment that can support your employees and increase workplace wellbeing.


What is included in the Symptom Management Workstation Assessment?

The assessment covers workstation evaluation, symptom identification, and practical recommendations tailored to your needs.

What are the outcomes of this Assessment?

The outcomes include identification of and education on office-related physical risks, achieving a comfortable posture though adjustment to the workspace, emphasising movement and strategies to counteract sedentary habits for increased productivity and wellbeing.

How does the Symptom Management Workstation Assessment increase workplace wellbeing?

The assessment educates employees on reducing discomfort and pain at work, promoting better postures and habits, correct workstation set up to mitigate discomfort or pain, leading to enhanced overall wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

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