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First Move
Manual Handling Training Workshop

First Move Manual Handling Training Workshop

Provide your workforce with essential skills to reduce physical risks and prevent workplace injuries from hazardous manual handling tasks. Manual handling is a prominent contributor to work-related injuries that can be avoided.

Complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act, businesses have a legal duty to mitigate injury risks for their employees. Prioritising your employees’ well-being safeguards them from immediate and long-term harm, while also safeguarding your business from additional expenses resulting from lost work time.

AIM offers two convenient options for this practical 2-hour Workshop:

  1. Public Workshop: Send one or more team members to our scheduled public sessions in Whangarei, held on set days throughout the year. Start time – 9am until 11am. All sessions are held at the Whangarei Cruising Club, at 212 Riverside Drive Whangarei.
    • Monday 8 July 2024
    • Monday 5 August 2024
    • Monday 9 September 2024
    • Monday 21 October 2024
    • Monday 2 December 2024
  2. On-Site Workshop: Arrange for us to conduct this workshop at your workplace on a day and time that fits your schedule.

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What is included in this workshop?

• Empower individuals to focus on aspects of manual handling within their control
• Focus on proactively implementing preventive measures for injury prevention

What makes First Move Manual Handling Training unique?

• Comprehensive coverage includes pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, lifting, and more, delivered through six engaging and easy-to-remember principles
• Our practical, hands-on training cultivates a habitual awareness of safe movement in all aspects of life, at work and beyond

Why choose First Move Manual Handling Workshop?
  • Learn how to prioritise proactive injury prevention in 2 hours and turn it into a habit with our comprehensive and practical approach
  • All our trainers are qualified physiotherapists or occupational therapists, offering expert insights into human movement and injury effects, as well as specific advice and exercises for workers with injuries

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