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Illness and/or Injury (Non-ACC Funded)

Illness and/or Injury (Non-ACC Funded) through a gradual return to work programme

Returning to work after a prolonged absence due to illness or injury can be challenging. Often, complete recovery only occurs after an employee has resumed their work responsibilities.

Our Gradual Return to Work Programme is designed to support employees in their journey back to work in a managed, safe, and sustainable manner, ensuring that business operations can swiftly return to normal.


What is included in the Gradual Return to Work Programme?

Our Gradual Return to Work Programme recognises that an employee who has been off work for some time may not immediately be able to perform their duties at pre-illness or injury levels. To facilitate their return, a personalised Programme is created, focusing on their recovery within the workplace. This Programme aims to help employees gradually reintegrate into their job, maintain a successful re-entry, and minimise the impact on both their wellbeing and the business.

When should I request a Gradual Return to Work Programme?

You can request a Gradual Return to Work Programme for any employee recovering from an illness or injury (Non-ACC Funded) by contacting us and submitting the necessary AIM referral form. The process includes an initial workplace assessment to gather information about the employee's condition, treatment, and pre-illness duties, and establishing a gradual return to work plan. We also provide further input/interventions and/or monitoring should this be necessary.

What are the outcomes of the Gradual Return to Work Programme?

The Programme increases the chances of a successful re-entry into the workplace, focusing on getting your employee back to work as quickly, safely, and sustainably as possible. It minimises the financial impact for both parties and reduces the disruption to the employee's daily life and your business operations. Employee privacy is maintained, and additional health professional input is considered if necessary and with your approval.

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