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Stay-at-Work programmes
funded by ACC 

Stay-at-Work programmes funded by ACC 

We partner with Proactive4Health and ACC to offer tailored Stay at Work programmes. These programmes prioritise early engagement with relevant healthcare professionals to prevent worsening injuries and speed up recovery. Through personalised treatment and education, we empower employees in their rehabilitation journey, minimising business disruption and facilitating a safe return to productivity.

Choosing AIM as your ACC Stay at Work provider ensures we understand your business and your employees’ roles, allowing us to develop practical Stay at Work plans efficiently. This collaborative approach aims for a safe, timely, and sustainable return to work.

When to request an ACC Stay-At-Work programme

For a work or non-work injury or for post ACC funded surgery – Any employee who has an ACC18 medical certificate following an injury, and providing the employee is receiving weekly ACC compensation, the company can request a pre-approved ACC Stay-at-work programme if you consider the person will need or benefit from support with their return to work or injury rehabilitation. 


What is included in the ACC-funded Programmes?

Our ACC-funded Stay at Work Programmes are designed to support the management of injuries influencing recovery and return to work outcomes.

We work closely with ACC and our Lead Provider (Proactive4Health) to create tailored programmes. These Programmes include personalised treatment plans which could include input from one or more clinical disciplines, employee education and engagement and collaboration with your business to ensure a safe, early and sustainable return to work.

When should I request an ACC Stay-At-Work Programme?

You should request an ACC Stay-At-Work Programme for employees who have suffered work or non-work injuries, or who have undergone an ACC-funded surgery. If an employee is receiving weekly compensation due to an injury (such as being off work or on reduced hours), you can request a pre-approved Programme directly with us to support their return to work or injury rehabilitation.

What are the outcomes of ACC Funded Stay-At-Work Programmes?

These Programmes increase the likelihood of a successful return to the workplace, facilitating a safe and sustainable return to work as quickly as possible. They also minimise the financial impact on both parties and reduce the disruption to an employee's daily life and the smooth operation of your business.

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