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Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision

Supervision is a dynamic process of reflection and learning, fostering self-awareness, critical thinking, and the infusion of creativity and confidence into both work and life. As supervisors, our purpose is to provide a secure space for supervisees to grow, addressing issues vital to their development. It’s essential to clarify that supervision is distinct from line or performance management.


What does Professional Supervision entail?

Professional Supervision consists of one-on-one sessions, either in-person or online, featuring confidential discussions. Each session is custom-tailored to the individual's needs, allowing them to bring workplace challenges, personal development goals, stress, conflict, and the need for debriefing. Supervisees drive their learning process.

What are the expected outcomes of Professional Supervision?

Through Professional Supervision, individuals can develop scaffolding for work wisdom, receive support and burnout prevention, nurture a culture of lifelong learning, enhance skills in teamwork, negotiation, conflict management, advocacy and leadership. They also learn self-management skills, gain insights into emotional wellbeing and have a chance to step back and reflect on their work's impact on them.

What is the ultimate goal of supervision?

The goal of supervision is not merely to produce more knowledgeable and skilled workers but to cultivate self-aware individuals, fostering personal growth alongside professional development.

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