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Functional Job Description Assessment

Functional Job Description Assessment

The Functional Job Description Assessment is a vital tool designed to determine the functional requirements of your employee’s job role immediately before their advised date of disability.

This assessment has been developed in collaboration with medical and associated providers who support insurers in claim management.

Please note that we do not offer diagnoses, rehabilitation recommendations, or opinions on work capacity.


What is included in the Functional Job Description Assessment?

The assessment covers a range of factors, including work hours, role description, detailed task analysis of work duties, the work environment (both physical and psychosocial aspects), critical work demands, perceived work stressors, voluntary work, and other non-work-related activities, along with their functional and cognitive demands.

A comprehensive report is provided upon the assessment's completion.

What are the outcomes of a Functional Job Description Assessment?

The AIM clinician gives a detailed written report outlining the functional requirements, encompassing physical, cognitive and psychosocial aspects as applicable.

This report is intended for your agency's use in claim-related matters.

Does the assessment provide diagnoses or recommendations for rehabilitation?

No, the Functional Job Description Assessment does not offer diagnostic formulations, rehabilitation recommendations, or opinions on a person's work capacity.

Its primary purpose is to outline the functional requirements of the job role before disability, serving as a valuable resource for claim-related purposes.

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