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Compassion Fatigue Workshop

Compassion Fatigue Workshop

The Compassion Fatigue Workshop is a vital resource designed to address the critical issue of compassion fatigue affecting you and your staff. If you or your team members are displaying signs such as unprofessional outbursts, negativity, resistance to change, or experiencing physical and emotional distress, this workshop is here to help.

The workshop offers a blend of information and interactive discussions, enabling participants to assess their own compassion fatigue levels and create personalised action plans to combat it.


What are the signs of compassion fatigue?

Compassion fatigue can manifest in various ways, such as unprofessional outbursts, rule-breaking, resistance to change, excessive complaining, and negativity. It may also result in difficulties concentrating, exhaustion, nightmares, physical ailments, substance abuse, and problems in personal relationships.

What can I expect from the Compassion Fatigue Workshop?

The workshop combines information sharing with interactive discussions. Participants will assess their own compassion fatigue levels and create personalised action plans to address this issue.

The outcome is that each participant will leave with a plan to reduce the impact of compassion fatigue, improving their overall wellness and quality of life.

What are the benefits of participating in the workshop?

Participating in the Compassion Fatigue Workshop can lead to improved employee wellbeing, increased work longevity and greater productivity. It equips individuals with the tools and strategies needed to combat compassion fatigue and enhance their overall quality of life.

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