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Workstation Assessment

Workstation Assessment

In today’s sedentary work environment, the prolonged hours spent sitting at a desk can lead to posture-related injuries and discomfort. To address this challenge and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, regular workstation assessments are essential.

By proactively promoting healthy work habits and preventing injuries, our service not only safeguards employee wellbeing but also boosts productivity and fosters a positive workplace culture. Book in our Workstation Assessment service and invest in the health and success of your workforce today.


What is included in the Preventative Workstation Assessment?

Our Preventative Workstation Assessment includes a comprehensive evaluation of your employee's workstation and through observations we provide feedback and recommendations to improve the workspace and identify potential health and safety issues.

Is the Preventative Workstation Assessment suitable for symptomatic individuals?

No, it's designed exclusively for non-symptomatic individuals as a proactive, prevention programme. Symptomatic individuals may require a more in-depth assessments or interventions tailored to their specific needs.

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