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Tools for Injury Prevention

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Workplace Injury Prevention for businesses

 At AIM, we offer personalised assessments that combine current industry regulations with practical exercises to achieve optimal learning outcomes for your employees. Our assessments and workshops are designed to help your team members maintain good health and keep working effectively.

Information about our injury prevention programmes and workshops for Northland organisations are detailed below.

We also offer specialised manual handling training (MHT) workshops

Assessments and Workshops for Injury Prevention

First Move Manual Handling Training

Hazardous manual tasks are a leading cause of preventable work injuries. Businesses are legally required under the Health and Safety at Work Act to minimise the risk of injury. With this highly rated and practical 2-hour First Move workshop you can equip your workforce with essential skills to help reduce workplace injuries from manual tasks.

Preventative Workstation Assessment

In today’s sedentary work environment, the prolonged hours spent sitting at a desk can lead to posture-related injuries and discomfort. To address this challenge and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, regular workstation assessments are essential.

Office Safety Workshop

Elevate workplace wellbeing with our practical Office Safety Workshop. We empower individuals with essential knowledge on the physical risks associated in the office environment and guide them in taking proactive measures to safeguard their health and prevent discomfort and injuries.

Body Impact Risk Assessment / Task Analysis

A Body Impact Risk Assessment and Task Analysis will help employers develop and maintain safe workplace practices, specifically targeting manual tasks and MSK risks. AIMs expert assessor’s detailed report includes observations of staff interactions with their environment, utilising video, photography, and other tools for a thorough evaluation.

Injury prevention assessments and support

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