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Early Intervention

Early Intervention

This programme is designed to swiftly assess and address any reported discomfort among employees before it escalates into pain or injury. By providing timely intervention, our goal is to support employees in remaining at work, thereby reducing business costs associated with lost work time injuries for employers.


What happens if my employee needs time off work due to severe pain or requires medical treatment?

In such cases, employees will receive guidance on lodging an ACC claim, while employers can refer them to AIM for an ACC-funded Stay at Work programme. AIM also offers access to private medical specialists for expedited assessments and referrals, ensuring swift resolution.

What role does the employer play in the Early Intervention programme?

Employers should refer employees to AIM promptly upon reports of discomfort or pain, provide clear insights into job roles, and remain available for communication with AIM clinicians. This collaboration ensures effective intervention and support for your employees' wellbeing.

What services does AIM offer as part of the Early Intervention programme?

The programme takes a holistic approach and includes onsite assessments, task analysis, education on task modification and biomechanical techniques, discussion on modified duties if necessary, and referrals to specialised workshops or medical specialists as needed.

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