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Can physical intelligence save your workplace time and money?

Can physical intelligence save your workplace time and money?

In the year to June 2017, there were 9,736 new claims resulting from lifting/carrying strain injuries in Northland alone, according to statistics from the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). The total cost: a shocking $12, 868, 653. Across the country, strains from lifting and carrying cost $338m each year – and last year there were 250,000 new claims.


We know that the cost of these injuries is significantly more when you factor in the impact these sprain and strain injuries not only have on the injured person, but their family and wider support network i.e. employer, sports team and other community groups that the injured person may be involved with.

Physical intelligence: preventing workplace injury

Active Intervention Management Ltd (AIM) are each week called upon by Northland’s largest employers such as councils and other local government agencies. AIM are a preferred provider because AIM’s multidisciplinary experts teach staff how to understand the mechanics of the body. This ‘physical intelligence’ prevents workplace injuries from happening in the first place.


AIM directors Debbie Glendinning and Debbie Rafferty travel widely across Northland to offer this essential training, putting on workshops covering pertinent topics such as:

First Move Manual Handling Training

The Manual Handling Training which AIM offers is called ‘First Move’ and equips employees to become physically intelligent in the workplace, preventing workplace injury. This means individuals recognise their early warning signs then make changes before significant pain and potential injury begins to occur.


Experienced Occupational Therapists

The AIM trainers who are experienced Occupational Therapists, recently delivered training to Whangarei District Council covering self-management with a focus on reducing sprains. This impressed one staff member who wrote appreciatively, “I came away with some very applicable skills which I hope to embed as I practice the First Move principles everyday, not only at my place of work.”


For the trainers, it’s about expert knowledge of human movement and the effects of injury.  We have a proven track record of reducing strain/sprain injuries by 70-90 percent. The return on investment for businesses utilising these workshops is significant.


A client-centred, multidisciplinary team with a mobile service, AIM have a longstanding involvement with employers throughout Northland. AIM are known for their focus on respecting workers’ challenges and limitations, but balancing this with real practical advice which can save businesses money and time, whether it’s advice on selecting the right keyboard, computer monitor and chair, or looking at position of arms while driving company vehicles or posture while lifting and bending.


Talk to us about preventing workplace injury…

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