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First Move – Manual Handling Training

First Move – Manual Handling Training

Equip your employees with the skills to become physically intelligent in the workplace reducing company and individual costs.

What is physical intelligence training?

Our training gives people the tools they need to focus on what they can control to reduce the risks of strain and injuries rather than be resistant about the things they can’t. Training focuses on proactive rather that reactive measures.


Results of physical intelligence training

Individuals recognize their early warning signs and make changes before the get to significant pain and injury.

  • Change takes place at a personal level. Individuals have the skills ‘to figure things out’ themselves… This leads to self responsibility and long term change

  • Individuals have the skills to keep themselves safe in unpredictable and changing physical environments.

  • An improvement in worker comfort and wellbeing and a resultant reduction in strain and sprain injuries.


This has an obvious associated reduction in company and individual costs.

First Move - Manual Handling Training
Highlights of First Move Training

  • All our trainers are qualified Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists.

  • Have an expert knowledge of human movement and the effects of injury.

  • Are able to offer specific advice and give relevant exercises to those workers with injuries

  • A significant Return on Investment.

  • Proven track record of reducing strain sprain injuries by 70 – 90 %.  The ROI is significant.

  • Respect to workers challenges and limitations.


To enquire about First Move Training email Debbie Rafferty or Debbie Glendinning for further information.

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