Pathway to Safe Movement Habits

This ‘move tip’ outlines the steps required to ensure safe movement principles become movement habits.

The First Move Manual Handling Training workshop teaches 6 principles of safe movement:

  • Power Position of the shoulder
  • Power Pinky of the hand
  • Move with balance
  • Move your feet to avoid twisting
  • Breathe out for power
  • Lift like a weightlifter

An effective programme needs to cover the steps on the left-hand side of the above image first (Knowledge Acquisition). How to use the body effectively when pushing, pulling, carrying, bending, lifting, twisting, reaching and all the common actions required of our body on a daily basis.

However, this knowledge is pointless unless it is applied to the way we move on a daily basis (Skill Mastery).

Skill Mastery covers the importance of repetition to ensure a skill becomes a habit – the automatic/unconscious way of doing things. We understand this principle of repetition and practice for improvement in the sporting field – and the importance is no different in this context. Many organisations commit to initial training (Knowledge Acquisition) – but miss the commitment to the Skill Mastery component. Without this component, there will be no long-term change.

Once the safe movement principles become a habit, individuals will be stronger and reduce the likelihood of strain and injury.

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