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SideStix™ Crutches Give Back Freedom

SideStix™ Crutches Give Back Freedom

The SideStix™ Shock Absorbing Crutches been scientifically designed to reduce joint compression and provide energy in return. Resulting in less pain, less fatigue and more energy when walking or enjoying your favourite activities.


SideStix™ are lightweight and very strong. More about the features which make SideStix™ the best mobility device to get back your freedom and active lifestyle…


Keep reading to see how SideStix™ are improving lives…

A message from Margot …

margot“I lost my left leg to cancer on 31/12/07.  In 2012 I met Sarah and Kerith, an amazing occupational therapist/amputee and engineer team in Vancouver, Canada. On the first day of a free month long SideStix™ trial, I was hooked, I’d found my new freedom. Whilst I visited National Parks in Canada and the USA I used a pair of SideStix™ Boundless PRO Forearm Crutches with shock absorbers and gave them a real work out on all terrain.


No longer do I need to sit and wait on the side of a road or trail for someone to get a vehicle to fetch me due to being too sore to return the way I came. I can walk / hike without pain or skin breakdown. I can go faster, further and repeatedly.  And I can even experience a cardio vascular workout. No longer do I have the extreme aches and pains in my back, my hips, my shoulders, my elbows and my hands.


And, I feel safe around the home and in the community when I am not wearing my prosthesis, especially on wet surfaces.  There is now less fear of falling.  SideStix™ are sturdy, light, comfortable and they carry a lifetime guarantee.


As an Occupational Therapist I have a passion for enabling and empowering other people to achieve their potential. There is no product available in New Zealand to compare with SideStix™ and I want to provide the opportunity for others to find the sense of freedom that I now experience.”

A message from a client, Tama …

tama using sidestix
“Kia Ora my name is Tama Aramoana I am 53 and I want to share with you my story about how I got my SideStix.  About 8:30 – 8:45pm, 14/11/11, I was involved in a workplace accident which changed my life for ever.  The next day I woke to something terrible, I had lost my right leg above the knee. My wife told me they said if they’d be able to try and save my leg they would, but I would’ve got gangrene and died anyway, so it was her decision to have it amputated, and I keep thanking her every day I wake.


My stump had what they called a suction dressing to try and keep the stump clean. I spent 8 weeks trying to come to terms with what had happened and learning how to use crutches as well as using a wheelchair.  Two weeks before I was due to go home I had a rehab program of strengthening, stretches and a lot of core exercises to help me get fit, mainly because I had been in a bed far too long. While there I had a go with crutches and I got my thrills because I got to do a bit more than I could in a wheelchair.


I got my first set of crutches when I left hospital, they lasted a while. I went through 4 different types of crutches and then we had a rehab review meeting and I was told by Diane Henare another Occupational Therapist, about these SideStix and how they are light weight and very strong. A couple of days later I got a ring to pick up a set from the gym I was going to. When I got there I got my first look at these SideStix. I took them for a test drive and man I was blown away, especially by the weight and how comfortable they were.  l looked at Diane and I asked her how long will it take to get my own set.


She said, so do you like them? I really, really, really love them. With that she said, get back here and I will measure you so I can order your own set. It took about 3 – 4 weeks before I got my own set, but instead of 1 set I got 2 sets of my own SideStix. Man, I thought it was Christmas morning when I opened the boxes to check things out.


These SideStix are really great to use. They have a few things I will call feet fixtures for different types of terrain or surfaces. They also have minor spare parts and tools to aid maintenance, also instructions on how to look after them. So if you would like to try them or purchase your own SideStix get your OT or physio to get in touch with  margot.forrest@gmail.com    
Thank you for taking the time to read my story about SideStix…….”

Therapists report that Tama is now managing his pain and re-engaging in his active life.


Where can I get access SideStix™?

ACC / private Insurer will fund SideStix™ with therapist justification. Contact Margot, Occupational Therapist and NZ Agent for the opportunity to trial a set now.


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