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Working from Home
Angelina Marshall

Working from Home

In the coming days and weeks, many people will be working from kitchen benches, dining room tables and couches - with no time to set up workstations and purchase equipment as you would at work.


It is important that you are aware of your own physical well-being and take steps to avoid getting discomfort and long-term issues.  Common discomfort associated with computer use are neck, shoulder, back, arm and wrist discomfort.


Here are some tips to ensure you also prioritise your own wellbeing in these quickly changing times.


1. Stretch and move

It is simple and the BEST thing you can do to ensure that you stop tension building up and causing pain and discomfort.

Dont work for any longer than 30 minutes without stopping and stretching.  Any movement that gets blood flow to your tissues will be help.

Do big body movements that move many joints - I have attached a couple of examples to the end of this document.


2. Don't stay working in one position for too long

You may not have any one position that is ideal but changing positions will 'spread the load' on your body and minimize muscle tension buidling up and causing pain.

as an example, if you're working from the dining room table - change and work standing at the kitchen bench or sitting on the couch.

If you don't have a designated stand to raise the height of your laptop find something at home as a substitute.


3.  Set up examples

Attached are a few workstation set-up examples to get you started

  • Laptop on the couch - Use this as one option but make sure you change to another working position to vary postures

  • Sitting and Standing workstations - If you have the luxury of a dedicated workstation at home - attached advice on sitting and standing working postures.


4. Equipment

Where possible borrow any equipment, you can from work - Keyboards, mouse, footstoosk, document holders etc

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