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How To Change A Habit
Angelina Marshall

How To Change A Habit

This months' ‘move tip’ is about learning a new physical skill

We recognise and commit to this with improving sporting abilities and learning other physical activities.  

The same commitment is required to apply the principles in our First Move programme.

Take a look at this video of ‘The Backwards Bicycle’ before reading onwards: https://youtu.be/CZ4WnwQBDEs

Amusing as the video is – it teaches us important components about changing a physical habit.  

  • Practice needs to be daily and for small time periods
  • Learning a new skill initially requires attention
  • It’s easy to ‘lose the skill initially’ when distracted. However, once the new skill becomes automatic you will maintain this movement even when distracted, rushing or fatigued.
  • Once you learn a new way of doing something – it’s hard to go back to the old way. You only have to practice for so long until it becomes automatic. Short term ‘pain’ for long-term ‘gain’.

To ensure you take care of yourself and the principles of safe movement become your automatic way of moving – commit to short term practice and you will reap the benefits long term.

First Move = Safe Movement Habits for Work & Play 

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