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Latest News with AIM

Manual Handling Training Workshop

Active Intervention Management Ltd (AIM) are now providing First Move Manual Handling Training workshops that individuals or smaller groups can register for.  This opportunity was previously only available to bigger companies. The First Move Training programme is designed...

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Looking to work for AIM?

Are you an Allied Health Professional looking for a change of scenery in the winterless North? Or are wanting to move to a dynamic and supportive team. AIM are interested in hearing from Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Occupational Health Nurses and...

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5 Ways to Create a Healthy and Positive Workplace

Creating a healthy and positive workplace is crucial for ensuring the success of your business. Building this environment will have a positive effect on your employee’s overall wellbeing, in turn increasing their motivation.

With increased motivation, your business will experience higher levels of productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness as well as lower levels of staff turn-over and absenteeism.  It is important to look after both the physical and the mental health of your staff, making...

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Working from Home

In the coming days and weeks, many people will be working from kitchen benches, dining room tables and couches - with no time to set up workstations and purchase equipment as you would at work.

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Spring Gardening

This month's 'move tip' gives you useful reminders to keep yourself safe in the garden

First Move principles teach us how to use our bodies safely and effectively to avoid physical strain and injury. These principles apply in all aspects of our lives be it work, home, sport and recreation.  This months' ‘move tip’ gives you useful reminders to...

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